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Cris Chiavenato Angela Z., Esthetician

openCris was my coach during a very difficult time in my life. She helped me see things in a positive way and find new avenues to solve my problems. She is a great listener, patient, caring, and very knowledgeable. Working with Cris helped me become more confident and stronger to make my decisions. open

Cris Chiavenato Chez S., Life Coach

open When I began working with Cris I was immersed in a journey towards self-awareness and personal development. Right from the start, Cris created a safe space for me to explore many of the personal blocks that were impeding my overall well-being and happiness. Cris provided many useful tools that, not only helped me navigate the muddy waters of my habitual thought patterns, but also inspired me to venture towards many creative outlets. Cris' natural wisdom, compassion, skill, and objective support helped me see many of my own strengths and encouraged me to look within for a deep sense of personal nourishment. After working with Cris, I felt an inner courage to take many leaps of faith in my life that served me very well. I am forever grateful to have had such an impactful coach to support and encourage me each step of the way!open

Cris Chiavenato Sonia S., Yoga Teacher

open Working with Cris has had a tremendous impact on my personal growth! Cris helped me gain clarity around my goals and empowered me to set baby steps towards achieving them, which made me feel like I could accomplish anything! She was very intuitive and always knew when to stretch me outside of my comfort zone in order for me to grow. Working with Cris has been a great investment in my "self".open

Cris Chiavenato Laura G., Special Education Teacher

open Cris has helped me to think through things and then take measures to get results. She was firm but helpful and sensitive. She really listens and holds me accountable. The encouragement and inspiration is ongoing. Cris helped me manage my stress and renewed confidence. She is there when I need her. Everyone needs a cheerleader and Cris is that cheerleader for me. We worked on several hurdles and after speaking with her each week I felt I could concur whatever came my way. The ability to find and bring out the answers within myself felt awesome. open

Cris Chiavenato Alexandra K., Lawyer

open Coaching helped me a lot, especially in a period of my life when it was difficult to take the initiative to take care of myself and do things necessary for my well-being. With the coaching process and the way Cris was guiding the sessions I was able, among other things, to schedule medical exams that were pending for a long time and go back to do physical exercises - Pilates - which I do regularly now. I also began to realize through the process that as I reached smaller goals, under them there were goals more important, bigger, delicate and difficult to reach. Without judgment and with great wisdom and insight she helped me become aware of that and to achieve my goals, from the smallest to the largest. This brought many positive changes in my life! Cris also reminded me and made me aware of the importance of positive thoughts. I thank my coach and her skills and competence for all that I could achieve. Thank you!open

Cris Chiavenato Tracy Q. Speech Therapist

open I am thankful for all the help and support I received from Cris during our coaching sessions. I gained so much from working with her and I appreciate her patience. I remember during our first session I explained that I wanted very much to become more organized but the hardest part was getting started. Among other questions, she asked me to think of one "baby step" I could take toward my larger goal. The answer was something as simple as setting a temporary folding table just to have some space to spread my paper work out on. It was a baby step, but it got me started! Each time I took another step I'd get so excited and looked forward to sharing my progress with Cris. She always reminded me that the ideas were actually mine. Those little reminders empowered me in a way. I got so much out of our sessions and I am thankful for her help. I look forward to working with her again!open

Cris Chiavenato Rona F., Life Coach

openCris is an inspiring life coach, skilled at using her intuition and range and depth of knowledge from many disciplines and philosophies for life transformation. Cris has an uncanny way of cutting through "my story" and opening my eyes to the possibility of different interpretations and new solutions. Her keen insights and pragmatic approach combined with a supportive, consistent, and gentle push outside of my comfort zone resulted in my uncovering longstanding blocks which were impeding my moving forward on goals that were important to me. I liken my work with Cris as collaborating with someone who offers the warmth and honesty of a mom, the insight and motivation of a close friend, and the wisdom and guidance of a guru - does it get any better than that?! open

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